Diaries and Letters of Corporal Samuel McKinney Stafford

16th Ohio Battery of Light Artillery

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"Scholars Worse To-Day Than Ever!  An Encouragement to Teachers.   The 1858 Education Diary of Samuel McKinney Stafford." 

This book contains the 1858 and 1859 diary of a young man who studied to become a school teacher, spent one year of teaching, then went into the tree selling business in New Carlisle, Ohio.  Samuel's diary details his lectures given by the instructors at the Troy Normal School, his first few weeks of teaching, and his travels throughout Kentucky.

As Samuel recorded the lectures and later, his daily life in the classroom, he details events and ideas that all educators will be able to relate to.

For example, one professor stated, "The success of the teacher depends more on his character than on his schollarship or literary attainments."

During Samuel's first week of teaching, he states:  "They (the students) have an almost uncontrollable propensity to “run out doors” at all times of the day - want to get a drink every few minutes - change about from one seat to another continually - an inveterate propensity to whisper, - ask a thousand and one questions too familiar - speak to the teacher is a whisper - want to study out of each others books - catch hold of one another in the class to &c &c &c  Almost impossible to organize."

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In the near future, "One of the Carlisle Boys - The Letters and Diaries of Corporal Samuel McKinney Stafford - 16th Ohio Battery" will be published and available.

This book contains the war-time letters and diaries of Corporal Stafford.  The book will also contain Samuel's pre-war letters and diary.  The letters consist of 51 letters from 1859 through 1862.  Samuel's war-time diary begins in March, 1862 and finishes in November, 1862.  There are many stories and adventures shared by Samuel.